Interaction design for the VPRO/Human Trees app (NL).

Dutch public broadcasters Human and VPRO started with the creation of an app for interactive investigative podcast journalism. Trees offers a collective adventure for makers and audience in the search for facts and interpretation. With Trees Human and VPRO hope to repair the trust of the public in ages of fake news, alternative facts and a crumbling trust in the media.

Trees is aimed at millennials and investigates the issues that they talk about with their friends in the pub. However, Trees doesn't just investigate those topics, Trees invites her audience to participate in the investigation. Listeners of Trees can send in questions for the podcast makers or the experts they will question. Or maybe it is your tip, opinion or angle on the topic that will send the podcast makers in a certain direction.

During an investigation the three different podcast makers start with a collective episode in which they discuss what their different approaches and angles are for the topic. After this first episode Meike, Volkan and Tessa start their own investigation. You can follow them by following their paths in the app. Every now and then the makers will gather in the editors room again and make a collective episode about where they stand and how they will proceed.

During each episode listeners are asked to help with the investigation and are encouraged to send audio or text messages to the podcast makers. These moments are highlighted and made accessible in the app. Send in your feedback, question, tip, opinion or angle and maybe you will hear yourself in the next episode (when you've given permission for this ofcourse).