The Industry

Interaction design for the VPRO & Submarine interactive The Industry.

The Netherlands is the number one drugs country in Europe. Weed is in our genes, coke enters the country through the harbours, and XTC is as Dutch as chocolate sprinkles. How is it possible that in a regulated country like the Netherlands drug can be produced and traded on such a large scale? The Industry offers an insight into this billion euro industry.

The Industry introduces weed growers, coke barons and drugs traffickers who tell stories about the kicks and stress of their illegal work. These personal stories are linked to interactive locations to provide insight into the Dutch drugs industry on both a macro and a micro level.

Throughout the interactive documentary, you’ll come across ‘hot’ locations captured with a ZED 3D camera. You can explore an XTC-lab, a weed farm, or containers in the harbor used for smuggling. Some spaces are real, some are reconstructions based on existing spaces. As you move through these spaces you’ll be listening to audio interviews with people from all levels of ‘The Industry’, like Jordy, an employee of a Dutch ‘coffeeshop’.

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Below some sketches and WIPs. Check the link above for the end result ^.